Meet our Staff

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No place in the World will you find a more friendly people than in Fiji. 

At Sau Bay Resort & Spa, you will receive a true Fijian welcome and instantly feel part of the family.  Our staff are all from villages in the Taveuni area.   Each has a unique position and expertise. Yet our staff work as a team to ensure that our guest experience is second to none.  Come and meet our staff: 

Eunice,  Resort Manager

Eunice is from Vanuabalavu in the Lau Group. She is engaged to Mathew and has a daughter and a son. She started at Sau Bay filling in as a General Manager for the previous owners. She worked at Hydro Taveuni before joining the Sau Bay family. She has worked at various resorts throughout Tavenui and Wakaya. She opened and operated a dive operation in Matei. Her hobbies are taking walks, volleyball and scuba. Her favorite travel destination is New Zealand. She loves her work in Tourism and has a passion for managing personnel and greeting guests from all over the world. 


John, Maintenance 

John is from Lau. He worked in Suva for the Fijian government as an electrician for 15 years before starting at Sau in 2011.
He enjoys fishing, reading novels, playing volleyball and Rugby. John Likes to learn new things such as modern technology and computers. Nothing is an easy fix in a remote area like Sau but John always makes sure everything is in good working order.


Laisa, Chef

Laisa is from Taveuni’s neighbor island Qamea . She has 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 4 children and 7 grandchildren. She has been a chef at various resorts in Qamea and Savu Savu.  She joined Sau Bay since it’s opening in June. She has loved to cook since she was little and her cuisines will amaze you.  Always full of energy, she likes to play and fish with her grandkids. In her free time she likes to rest at home and sew blankets and pillow cases.


Jen,  Pastry Chef

Jan is originally from Qamea but now lives in Matei, Taveuni. She is the youngest of   7 sisters and 4 brothers, and has 3 young children of her own. She worked at Sau from 2016 until 2018, when she left to attend pastry school at FNU (Fiji National University) in Nadi for 6 months. After her training, she returned to Sau. She loves to sing, play volleyball and read the Bible.  Jen also likes to socialize, make new friends and travel to the Mamanucas to dive. Although all of her pastries are a delight, you absolutely must try Jannifa’s chocolate muffins and coffee cream pie!


William,  Bartender

William is from the Wiwi settlement on Taveuni. He has 4 brothers and 2sisters. Before Sau Bay, he worked at five different resorts bartending.  He enjoys listening to music, reading, fishing, hiking, and volleyball. He was a sprinter and represented his school in the Coca Cola games in Suva where his relay team won first place. He is skilled in technology and enjoys photography.  He is friendly and the life of the party.  William's bar tending skills make it difficult to leave the bar!  He is particularly skilled at using incorporating natural ingredients into his daily cocktail specials, such as his Sage Mojito!.  Having bartended at renowned resorts including Qamea Resort and Tide's Reach, William will impress you with his craft cocktails and always has a smile on his face - except when encountering a gecko....


Litia,  Bure Attendant

Litia is from Taveuni. She has 5 children: 4 sons and 1 daughter.

She was a housekeeper in Samoa for 2.5 years before joining us at Sau. She likes Fijian pop music and plays the guitar. She likes to go kayaking, fishing, singing, dancing and Kava.


Sera, Bure Attendant

Serah is from Ucunivatu Viani Bay / Narewa which is just around the corner from the resort. She has 4 children. Her son Akanah works here in maintenance and her nephew is Carl, the Divemaster. She has been at Sau Bay since the opening in June 2022. Whether helping in the kitchen or in the bures, Serah always has a beaming smile. She loves fishing and playing volleyball.


Freddie,  Boat Captain

Freddie is from Levuka, the old capital of Fiji. He has 1 sister, a niece and a nephew. He trained in Nawi to be a Boat Captain.  He has worked at Sau for 8 years, even maintaining the property through the Covid lock down. Always dependable, Freddie pumps water from the desalination tanks throughout the night. In his free time, he likes to go to town to see friends, shop and drink Kava. He enjoys volleyball and country music.


Lotu,  Divemaster

Lotu is from Viani Bay, right next to Sau Bay. He has three young daughters and a lovely wife, Renata. He has 15 dogs who help him hunt for wild pigs. He has been at Sau since 2019 as a Boat Captain and Divemaster. In his free time, he likes to play rugby and hunt. His family is happy when visitors come because it can get quite lonely in this remote area.


Carl,  Divemaster

Carl is also from neighboring Viani Bay. He lives with his grandparents. His grandmother is the sister of John, Chief of nearby Dakunibai village. He has worked at Sau since 2012 as a Boat Captain and water activities director. He attended FNU (Fiji National University) where he learned the skills to be a Boat Captain. His hobbies are diving, trolling, spear fishing and playing rugby. In  grades 6-12  he went to Coca Cola games where he won 5 medals (2 silver, 3 bronze) when 18 years old, represented Fiji in Rugby  played other international teams in Suva. His girlfriend is a teacher at the Ucunivatu Primary School.


Akanah,  Carpenter

Akanah lives in Ucunivatu Viani Bay with his mom Serah. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters. He attended Montfort Technical Institute in Savusavu where he learned carpentry, plumbing and brick laying, which are skills he has already been using in his daily activities. He started at Sau Bay in June. He likes to play rugby, fish and hunt.